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Certified Financial Planner™

Financial Planning is the core of everything we do at Florida Shield Financial Advisory. People with a high level of success realize goals are not accomplished by accident. Your CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional will assist you in creating a clear path in order to reach success, however you define it. Of course we also know that plans rarely flow exactly as outlined. That is why most of our clients meet with us quarterly. This ensures that your advisor stays up to date on changes that may affect your life and wealth balance.

Your advisor uses leading edge tools combined with board certified advice to keep us on course with your needs. As those needs change, we stand ready to offer suggestions and recommendations that best accommodate your needs. Our independence allows us the flexibility to work with people in the way clients would prefer to do business. We offer a complete range of services from a flat fee arrangement to a model based on assets under management. The choice of service is always your option and we look forward to showing you the benefits of each.

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